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More business owners, and not just startup entrepreneurs, are operating under a “startup” mentality. What exactly is that you ask? That’s a great question. A startup mentality is one of change tolerance, fantastic leadership, and defined core values. The list below highlights some of the aforementioned qualities with the addition of a few more thrown in for good measure.

Embrace Change

Change is at the epicenter of every single startup. They are either out to make a change or conducting internal/product changes. Another part of embracing change is being flexible to the needs, wants, and desires of the evolving workforce. Cubicles, for instance, are a thing of the past. This is partly thanks to new companies breaking the mold to create more collaborative, creative environments. Staying ahead of the curve and not resisting positive change is a large part of the startup mentality.

Encourage Questions

Startups also question everything. Asking productive questions allows you to identify problems, enhance the quality of your work life, and reinvent. Asking “Why don’t we…?” or “How can we…?” questions will lead to profound discussions and a great idea or two. The talent has been hired, so use the bright people you have at your fingertips to make something great.

Courageous Leadership

Leadership is a vital part of any company, but those with a startup mentality thrive under courageous leadership. Courageous leaders get their hands dirty and are invested in the daily activities. Having an innovative, encouraging leader at the helm makes all the difference. Additionally, that leader can instill those values into the leadership team, creating an encouraging, dedicated, and thoughtful team. The actions of leadership trickle down throughout the company, so the better team you have, the better company wide morale will be.

Commit to Core Values

Core values are something that adds to the overall culture of the company. Knowing what you value as a company is vital to your success. Your values are not just things like creating an excellent product. Core values are about how and why you do the work you do every day. Things like hard work, dedication, unique thinking. These are values everyone can commit to and work at them everyday to make the company great.

Allow Room for Mistakes

Know from the start, mistakes are going to happen. Hopefully not all the time, but they are inevitable. Leave room for these and know they will happen. When mistakes happen, take a second to accept what’s already happened and then go to work at fixing it and preventing the same mistakes from happening twice. Trial and error will be a large part of your company, especially if your company happens to be a startup. Success will not be achieved overnight, so be willing to experience some mistakes and missteps along the way.