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I am excited to announce the formal launch of, a technology solutions company. For many months I have been working with my Co-founders, Chris Colleran and Kristi Colleran, to explore the state of emerging technologies, and lay the foundation for the launch of our new business.

I serve as CEO, where I apply my hands-on strategy, operations, and business transformation experience to deliver high impact technology solutions that deliver lasting results.

Chris, our CTO, brings extensive experience developing and deploying emerging technologies for a range of blue-chip companies, including Microsoft, Home Depot and Fortune Brands.

Kristi, our Chief Customer and Product Officer, excels in user adoption and program management to deliver results in the most challenging business implementations.


Together, our founders bring the business, technology and implementation expertise to deliver superior customer benefit, higher return on investment, and enable IT to be a source of competitive advantage.

Introducing Messaging Solutions

The opportunity is compelling. There are more than one billion Facebook Messenger users, and more than a billion more on other messaging platforms. Users are fully engaged, sending trillions of messages per year.

Businesses are faced with the challenge of how to use the emerging 2-way messaging platforms to address customer needs more quickly, conveniently, and fully than any other channel.

This requires creating the capability to engage in meaningful conversations, deploying chatbots and automation to scale those conversations, and managing the complex hand-offs between humans and chatbots in ways that are customer friendly and natural. All this must be accomplished while simultaneously staying on top of the latest changes in technology and solutions.


We created Messaging Solutions to bring the power of 2-way messaging to companies. In fact, we believe 2-way messaging will fundamentally change how almost every company interacts with customers — enabling higher quality outcomes, lower costs and a 1:1 relationship not readily available through other channels.

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We have a passion for technology, but understand that true success is delivering measurable value for customers while also balancing the competing demands that exist in every company.

We apply our deep business experience across many different industries to quickly understand key business challenges and identify where 2-way messaging can improve outcomes and lower costs.

We deploy our technology to Open a 2-way Messaging Channel, Monitor the conversations, and then Automate where technology can deliver the greatest benefit and a measurable return.

Finally, we leverage this experience to Go Deeper — to fulfill more customer needs, gain actionable customer insights, and leverage 2-way messaging capabilities across the organization.


We are ready to help you solve your greatest challenges and get closer to your customers.


I invite you to go to for more information. Connect with Sio, our InfoBot to see the messaging technology in action and check out the Blog for our latest thinking.