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Many small businesses don’t see the need to implement chatbots either because they think they’ll be a waste of money, or they don’t believe they’ll benefit from their use. In reality, though, chatbots are very easy to integrate into one’s business and can streamline many aspects of an operation. Keep reading to learn more about how your small business can include chatbots in its strategy.

Chatbots Make Selling Easier

Every business wants to make selling as easy as possible for customers. Chatbots are the latest way that consumers can purchase something from a company. For example, Taco Bell released a chatbot that allows customers to use Slack to order food. Take a look at this link to learn more. The more sales channels that you provide to customers the better. Chatbots make sales easier in part because they are always available. Plus, they make the sales experience fun because the customer are able to interact with the bot like it’s a real person.

Chatbots Influence Customers

If you clicked on the above link, you saw Taco Bell’s chatbot in action. Throughout the conversation with the customer, it makes suggestions about adding additional items or toppings. Many companies set up chatbots so that they quiz potential customers in order to get to know them and their buying habits. This information can then be used to influence their future purchases. As a result of these tailored recommendations, customers feel a connection with the service and may be more likely to purchase the recommendations. Learn more here.

Chatbots Take Care of Common Questions

One of the most useful features of chatbots is their ability to handle common customer question with ease. Every business, regardless of what it provides, deals with the same questions over and over either through email or over the phone. A business can install a chatbot on its website to handle these questions and save time and money in the process. If the chatbot is unable to answer the question, it can put the customer in touch with a real person. Still, having a chatbot be the first point of contact will reduce the amount of time your employees spend answering the same questions.

Chatbots Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

Today every business needs a social media presence. Social media helps businesses interact with customers and build their brand. Facebook allows businesses to use Messenger on their pages. The chatbot is easy to set up, and it has the potential to drive sales and increase customer engagement.

Chatbots Make Paying Easy

Chatbots make it easy for customers to pay for products. After ordering via the chatbot the customer is asked if they are ready to pay. If they answer yes then the transaction is complete. The payment process is so easy, in part, because users create a profile that includes their preferred method of payment. A chatbot can access this payment when the customer is ready to complete the transaction.