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About Chuck Elias

Chuck Elias is the CEO and Co-founder of, a technology solutions company that excels in developing and deploying messaging platform strategies to improve customer interactions. He is a growth and transformation executive who is passionate about building great companies; solving challenging problems; and making a difference in the lives of associates, customers, and communities.

Chuck believes business is a noble calling and it is the responsibility of leaders to unlock the full potential of the individuals and companies they serve. He has been fortunate to lead amazing teams, tackling the most important strategic initiatives for both blue-chip companies, as well as for startups and smaller companies.

Given his innate abilities in developing and aligning capabilities, talent, and culture, Chuck Elias has been able to work closely with multiple companies, aiding them in fully capturing the opportunities in front of them. He has also succeeded in full P&L and in Strategy and M&A roles, working closely with CEOs and board members to create, communicate, and implement a compelling vision and strategy for growth.

At Home Depot, Chuck Elias was responsible for leading 17,500 associates and, together, they successfully turned around and grew a $4 billion retail P&L. Later, he led Home Depot’s retail store entry into China. At SuperValu, Chuck led the transformation of the $25 billion grocery business, implementing merchandising and operations capabilities to lower prices and improve services for their customers. At General Electric and Fortune Brands, he developed and implemented global acquisition-based growth strategies and initiatives to support the portfolio and the decentralized business operations. Chuck’s deep background in strategy, M&A, and operations, across multiple industries, enables him to quickly identify opportunities and build great strategies and teams to capture that opportunity.

Chuck Elias attributes his love of leadership and service to the time he spent in the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and in the U.S. Coast Guard. It was also during that phase of his life that he gained a deep understanding of culture, as well as how to motivate a team. These skills have aided him throughout the rest of his life, especially as he has gone on to create high performance and team-oriented environments, where fact-based discussions and alignment drive individual accountability and business success.

Chuck acquired critical business knowledge at the Harvard Business School, where he learned to develop and communicate strategy across a diverse range of industries. Due to his passion for business and leadership, Chuck accepted a position at Boston Consulting Group shortly after he graduated with his M.B.A..

Each of these experiences played an instrumental role in shaping Chuck Elias’ outlook on business processes and workplace cultures, as he was fortunate enough to learn from a diverse group of teachers, leaders, and teammates.

Chuck Elias

Chuck Elias

Business Transformation

Growth & Transformation


Chuck knows we are in an age of disruption, but the old saying that companies are either growing or dying remains true.

“Whatever your business or industry, there are growth opportunities to be pursued, and if you are not pursuing them, your competitors or disruptive new entrants are. Creating a profitable growth strategy, operationalizing that strategy across the organization, and keeping the strategy fresh are hallmarks of successful companies. When growth stalls and long-term profitability is in question, a business transformation can realign the company and talent around a more robust and profitable market opportunity and enable sustained long-term growth. Executing a successful business transformation across a large, previously successful company, is perhaps the most difficult of all business challenges. But there are tools and practices that can help leaders and companies succeed.” – Chuck Elias



Chuck knows that business is the ultimate team sport. It requires a great playbook (strategy and capabilities), exceptional talent, and a culture that relentlessly drives for results while fearlessly watching the “game tape” to identify how individuals and teams can improve their performance. Exceptional leaders understand how to develop and align strategy, capabilities, talent and culture to face any challenge and they embed processes, tools, interactions, and expectations across the company to unlock the full potential of individuals and the company.



“The pace of technological change is accelerating. Mobile, messaging, big data and machine learning have opened up new ways to acquire, analyze and act on customer and market data. The most successful companies have learned to invest in the technology “sweet spot”, where the agile development and deployment of technology enables individuals and teams to work more efficiently, learn faster, and out-innovate the competition. This sweet spot varies by industry and company, but all companies have the ability to leverage and develop technology as a source of true competitive advantage.” – Chuck Elias on Technology